Beautiful is the word you hear every time Adrian Nye's music is described.  Never a dull routine strum, his guitar work has lead and rhythm built in, whether it's an uptempo song or a ballad.  An accomplished fingerstyle guitarist, Adrian works a melody into everything he plays and mixes instrumentals seamlessly into his set.  Every song has a story or a concept or deep meaning that adds depth and rewards a repeated listen.

Adrian's full-length record West With the Night was released in 2018 on Blue Dome Records, and is getting airplay on Folk, Americana, and AAA radio stations nationwide.   It's a full band record featuring a cast of top-notch Austin musicians, and was produced by Bradley Kopp in Austin, TX.   Stay tuned to see if the record charts in 2018.

Adrian is a veteran of Boston new wave band Lizards in a Circle, which played too many bars in the 80s and 90s.   More recently he recorded an EP of his collaboration with Tessa Canzona, which features her amazing voice and Adrian's guitar.   Adrian developed his songwriting craft in Austin, Texas, and under the tutelage of Colorado great Chuck Pyle.

Adrian is an avid whitewater kayaker and lived for 5 years in a van traveling the country and camping by the river.  Many of his songs reflect that natural imagery.  The song Church of the Blue Dome has been translated into Spanish and is currently being played at environmental demonstrations in Ecuador.


We get 100's of CD's every month here at the Country Bear and what a breath of fresh air the new CD by Adrian Nye is!   Great vocals with minimalist production let's his story and voice shine on every track. So much of today's music is blaring Rock in your face, this is a CD you can actually listen to. And listen to the words.. poetry in motion.  Keep on makin' music Adrian! - Stan Edwards,, Lake Placid, FL

First class organic/back 40 sounds that catapult this cat to the front ranks of modern folkies with recidivist roots.  Roots, folk, or whatever you want to call it, this is the set you want playing when you are in full back porch mode.  A solid writer with a great eye and ear, this is the kind of stuff those looking for meaty dates are sure to love. - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review 2018

What're you doing there?  That's cool. - Chuck Pyle

Right now West with the Night is rotating with Todd Rundgren and Randy Newman in my car, and stands up with both of them.  Great work! - Joe Strouse, Strousongs, Austin TX

Adrian's song Wind River is a masterpiece.  First time I heard it, I knew he was onto something. -  George Ensle (legendary Austin musician who's been performing for 50 years)

A new voice in modern folk/americana with intricate fingerpicking, a mellow vibe, smokey vocals, and well-crafted lyrics. - Jenny Reynolds